Your Immigration Appeal Partner

When it absolutely matters, you need the skill of an experienced lawyer on your side. Launching an immigration appeal is the last chance to make an effort to stay in the United States rather than getting deported.

Staying The Course

Immigration attorney Juan A. Aguirre knows about the immigration process firsthand in addition to over 10 years of legal experience. An immigration appeal process with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be a complicated process that can take months or years. Lewisville lawyer Aguirre and his team at the Law Offices of Juan A. Aguirre, P.C., can provide a sound strategy for your situation and pursue the best result possible in your case.

The USCIS Appeals Process

You can appeal an order for deportation by filing with the Board of Immigration Appeals or the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) and advocate for options such as:

  • Relief from removal
  • Motion to stay removal or reopen the case
  • Temporary protected status (TPS)

Now, more than ever before, the changing landscape of immigration regulations means that following the legal requirements of immigration appeals with precision is critical. Do not leave anything to chance when keeping your family together and your residency in the United States are at stake.

Fight For Your Rights

You can fight for your rights in Texas with the Law Offices of Juan A. Aguirre, P.C., in your corner. Call the office today at 972-330-4238 or use this online contact form for a free initial consultation at our Lewisville or San Antonio office. Se habla español.