Personal Injury Compensation

Your life can be negatively impacted in a matter of seconds when you are a victim of a personal injury. Whether you are injured in a shopping mall or on a highway, the Law Offices of Juan A. Aguirre, P.C., in Lewisville has over 10 years of experience fighting for personal injury victims' rights to compensation. Injuries that our firm handles include:

A Personal Cause

Personal injury representation is one of the main parts of attorney Juan Aguirre's legal practice. Tragically, he and his family have personal experience with severe and fatal injury. Aguirre's sister died from automobile accident injuries in 2003 due to the carelessness of another driver. Because of this, Juan Aguirre empathizes with other families that are suffering through the same sort of grief and adversity that he went through.

Compensation You Need And Deserve

When you suffer an accident injury, medical bills pile up, you may miss work, and you may wonder how you will pay for rehabilitation and living expenses in the long term. Insurance companies can ask to settle for pitifully small sums in comparison to the damage the accident caused.

This chance of experiencing a funding shortfall when recovering from a personal injury is why it is so important to make the pursuit of injury compensation a priority. When you have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, you have a significantly better chance of recovering funds from insurance companies that do not want to pay.

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