Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation

The disruption of a motor vehicle accident lasts longer than just a day, week or month. Even when the accident is a supposed fender bender, car damage will need repair and missed work hours mean less money on payday. Most importantly, injuries requiring medical care can surface after even a minor accident.

Choose A Car Accident Attorney

The Law Offices of Juan A. Aguirre, P.C., in Lewisville is a law firm experienced in personal injury litigation and works compassionately with clients to recover funds to pay for bills and compensate for losses associated with the accident. Founding lawyer Juan Aguirre has over 10 years of background litigating all types of motor vehicle accidents.

Not just limited to cars, motor vehicle accidents also include other vehicles such as:

  • Semitrucks
  • Buses
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats

Fault State Clarification

Texas is a fault state (as opposed to no fault) when it comes to car insurance, so the driver at fault for the accident is liable for claims stemming from the crash. The at-fault driver's liability insurance must pay for property damage and injuries associated with the accident.

Accommodation For Partial Fault Is Possible

What if you are partially at fault for the accident? You still may be able to collect some benefits from an injury claim. Our state uses a guideline called modified comparative negligence to determine at what proportion you are at fault.

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