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Preparing for your citizenship test

Finally earning a naturalization interview with USCIS can feel like a massive achievement. It is the final step in the application process that will determine whether you receive U.S. citizenship. As a result, you want to make sure that you prepare for the interview in advance so that you can feel confident when the day comes.

An important part of the interview is the citizenship test, which examines both your fluency in the English language as well as your understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Thankfully, there are many online study guides you can rely on. Here are some suggestions on how you can make the most of them to prepare for both aspects of the citizenship test:

Texas family seeks compensation for bicycle accident

A Texas family is seeking compensation for a loved one's death from not only an alleged negligent driver, but also his employer and the owner of a company vehicle. The victim was struck and killed while participating in an area biking event, for which she had to travel on public roads. The driver involved in the bicycle accident was criminally charged.

The 47-year-old victim was riding on the shoulder of the road shortly before the accident, which occurred at 7:14 a.m. According to the 71-year-old driver accused of striking the woman, the sun had been shining in his eyes and he did not see her. Police, however, believe that the wreck was not caused by the sun. He was allegedly traveling faster than the posted speed limit.

When it’s time to hire an attorney after a car accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, there are many steps to take that you probably hadn’t planned for. You may need to contact a doctor, insurance, an auto repair shop and your employer to sort out accident-related issues.

In the midst of arranging communication with these parties, remember how an attorney can help. Here are a few scenarios that should signal to you it’s time to contact an attorney after a car accident.

Who is responsible in bicycle accidents?

There may be few things greater than a Texas childhood spent on two wheels. Riding a bicycle is a favorite pastime for many people, but it is unfortunately also a dangerous one. Even when traveling in neighborhoods, drivers often behave negligently around people out riding bikes and do not always take into account the extra caution that is usually needed for children. Bicycle accidents resulting from this type of behavior are often devastating for victims.

The vast majority of bike vs. motor vehicle collisions involve children. While drivers are not faced with an automatic presumption of negligence for hitting a child on a bicycle, they are expected to adhere to an increased care of duty when around kids, and as such the bar for demonstrating negligence may be lower. This is because children are expected to perform at lower standards of carefulness than their adult counterparts.

Personal injury: Teen driver kills CPS workers, 2 children

A fatal accident left three people dead and sent several others to the hospital. Texas police are still investigating the devastating wreck and believe that they know who caused it. While a criminal investigation is not necessary for victims to pursue personal injury claims, information collected by the authorities can be helpful when seeking compensation.

A 61-year-old CPS worker was traveling with three foster children at the time of the accident. They were driving on SH-19 when a pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction slammed into their vehicle head-on. The CPS caseworker and two boys -- aged 10 and 14 -- all died at the scene of the accident. The boys' 12-year-old sister suffered severe injuries and had to be flown to a children's hospital, where she was last listed in critical condition.

Immigration: Am I eligible for a green card?

For those noncitizens who are hoping to permanently live and work in the United States, a green card is essential. However, since immigration laws are complicated, the process by which a person obtains a green card is not necessarily straightforward. By understanding who is eligible to apply for a green card, those hoping to immigrate to Texas can utilize the most appropriate avenue.  

Those who have immediate family members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents can pursue a green card through a petition made by the citizen. This process is usually much quicker than the standard approach, and most people can receive their green card upon completion of the paperwork. This category includes spouses of citizens, children younger than 21, parents, stepchildren and more. 

Prevent personal injuries to kids this Halloween

There are many reasons why children look forward to Halloween: The excitement, the costumes, the candy and the spookiness. Parents look forward to Halloween as well; it is a great time to make memories with your family.

But Halloween can also pose the risk of personal injury, especially for children. Before you head out trick-or-treating, take care to know a few important safety tips for this holiday.

Parents may pursue personal injury claims after deadly bus wreck

A terrifying school bus accident left one student dead and many others seriously injured. What caused the accident is still not entirely clear, and Texas authorities are still investigating. However, victims and their families do not have to wait until the conclusion of a criminal investigation to pursue compensation through personal injury claims. 

The bus was transporting 42 students home after school when for some reason it rolled into a ditch. It struck a power line as it rolled over, which sparked a fire that engulfed the bus. Emergency responders were able to transport 38 of those students back to their school, where they were treated for minor injuries in a make-shift triage that the nurse set up in the library.  Six people -- three students and three responding police officers -- had to be transported to area hospitals for serious injuries. 

Why Texas is high in bicyclist deaths

Many citizens in the Lone Star State are trying to attempt a healthier lifestyle by riding their bicycles wherever they need to go. It may be slower, but it keeps residents in shape and saves them money on gas bills. Unfortunately for some Texans, what they lack in gas bills they make up for in funeral costs.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal found that Texas was one of the top three states with the most bicyclist deaths along with Florida and California. The three states combined made up for around 40 percent of the nation’s fatalities. While you should not be discouraged from taking your bike out for a ride, you should be aware of why the accident rate in the state is so high.

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