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Immigration court ruling makes it easier to appeal asylum denial

Asylum is important for those who cannot return to their home countries, and many people who are approved for asylum go on to make their new homes in Texas. However, those who overcome significant barriers just to reach the border may not expect their application to be denied. This is sadly the reality for many people, but a new immigration ruling could make appealing that decision much easier.

In 2017, a man from Sri Lanka was picked up at the border between the United States and Mexico. At the time, he told an asylum officer that he could not go back to his home because officers in the Sri Lankan army had detained him, assaulted him and threatened him with death after he had supported a specific political candidate. However, the asylum officer insisted that his fears were not credible, and an immigration judge ordered that he be removed from the country.

Rapper 21 savage dealing with immigration officials

Popular rapper 21 Savage recently posted bond and was released from ICE custody. Texas fans of the musician might be surprised to learn that he faces potential removal from the United States as well as a 10-year ban on re-entry. However, he claims that he has a pending immigration application for a U Visa, which could mean that he is eligible to remain in the country.

As a 7-year-old, She'yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph was brought to the United States legally by his family. He stayed in the country uninterrupted until 2005, at which time he returned to his home country -- the United Kingdom -- for one month. He returned in July 2005 on an H-4 visa, which expired in 2006. As a child, Abraham-Joseph was left without any legal protections regarding his status.

Immigration confusion as thousands show for fake court dates

Texas immigrants are generally eager to comply with the various requests and orders related to their status. However, dealing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can be frustrating and overwhelming even on the best of days. For some immigrants, this frustration might have reached a breaking point as they showed up for ICE-issued court dates that did not exist.

On a Thursday morning in Jan. 2019, courthouses around the country were filled with thousands of immigrants who had received Notices to Appear. As the lines grew longer and longer, individuals soon realized that the court dates were all fake. Many of those who had received the NTAs had spent considerable time and money traveling to the fake court hearings.

Why immigrants are less likely to seek medical attention

Mexican immigrants in Chicago rushed to the hospital after avoiding medical attention for their loved one. The man suffered from undiagnosed diabetes and unfortunately his toes were turning black. Only after the man could not take the suffering any longer, did the family take him to get help. It was discovered that his foot was infected with gangrene and required immediate amputation.

The family did not have legal papers allowing them legal permission to live in the country. Had their fears not held them back, they could have avoided the amputation and received the diagnosis earlier. However, the fears are real and strong for many immigrant families living in America.

Bicycle accidents can cause tragic injuries

Bikes are a fun, affordable and environmentally friendly way to get around. It is not necessarily uncommon to see people commuting to work by bike, and many riders simply hop on as a way to get some quick and easy exercise. Unfortunately, Texas drivers still seem to struggle with the presence of bicyclists on the roadway. Here are a few things you should know about bicycle accidents.

Like collisions between motor vehicles, accidents involving cars and bicycles can occur in a number of ways. A common cause of bicycle accidents is when a driver simply fails to yield the right of way and either turns in front of or backs into the path of a moving bicycle. Another common cause are drivers who pass bicycles without having enough clearance to do so.

H-1B visas are popular immigration choice

Living and working in Texas can be an exciting prospect for immigrants. While there are different paths for accomplishing this, the H-1B visa is an extremely popular choice for individuals employed in specialty occupations or who can fulfill roles that domestic workers cannot. One of the biggest draws of this form of immigration is the ability to transition an H-1B to a green card. However, obtaining one of these highly-sought visas is easier said than done.

The first day of the fiscal year falls in the beginning of April, and on this day the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service begins accepting applications for the H-1B visa. In April 2018, the USCIS received 200,000 applications in the first week alone. The USCIS has experienced the same application overload for the past 16 years.

Personal injury claim may be an option after fatal accident

A recent tragic accident in Texas underlines the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. An underage driver apparently consumed a large amount of alcohol, got behind the wheel and caused a crash that claimed the life of a young mother. She leaves behind a young son, and it is possible that family members could seek personal injury compensation on his behalf. 

Before the accident, the driver is said to have gone to a Texas bar where he was served alcohol, despite being 19 years old. He reportedly drank a dozen drinks, including tequila shots. After six hours at the bar, he left, causing the fatal collision on his way home. Later, law enforcement arrested five people who worked at the bar for never asking for the driver's identification to verify his age while he was at the bar. The bar is also in trouble because it did not have a liquor license and was only supposed to serve beer and wine.

What does immigration law say about stopping deportation?

The prospect of being removed from the United States can be terrifying. For those who are facing deportation, there may be options to delay or even stop the process altogether. It is important individuals in Texas fully understand how immigration law applies to their unique situations. Here a few options to consider.

Asylum has been broadly discussed in the media recently, but might not be well understood by most people. An individual facing deportation might be able to apply for asylum if they can demonstrate that it is unsafe to return to their country of origin because persecution or well-founded fears for their safety. This could be due to a person's religious beliefs, nationality, race or even membership in a social or political group. Receiving asylum is usually effective in stopping deportation, but applications must be submitted within one year of arriving in the United States.

Preparing for your citizenship test

Finally earning a naturalization interview with USCIS can feel like a massive achievement. It is the final step in the application process that will determine whether you receive U.S. citizenship. As a result, you want to make sure that you prepare for the interview in advance so that you can feel confident when the day comes.

An important part of the interview is the citizenship test, which examines both your fluency in the English language as well as your understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Thankfully, there are many online study guides you can rely on. Here are some suggestions on how you can make the most of them to prepare for both aspects of the citizenship test:

Texas family seeks compensation for bicycle accident

A Texas family is seeking compensation for a loved one's death from not only an alleged negligent driver, but also his employer and the owner of a company vehicle. The victim was struck and killed while participating in an area biking event, for which she had to travel on public roads. The driver involved in the bicycle accident was criminally charged.

The 47-year-old victim was riding on the shoulder of the road shortly before the accident, which occurred at 7:14 a.m. According to the 71-year-old driver accused of striking the woman, the sun had been shining in his eyes and he did not see her. Police, however, believe that the wreck was not caused by the sun. He was allegedly traveling faster than the posted speed limit.

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