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International students facing unique immigration issue

International students attending Texas universities might have planned to spend their summer breaks working or starting new jobs after graduation. Unfortunately, many are facing unexpected hurdles to their employment goals. This latest immigration issue is just one in what may feel like a long line of problems.

Another new immigration rule, this time about social media

Applying for a visa can be a daunting task. Applicants usually spend a significant amount of time and money to make sure that their applications and accompanying documents are filled out to the very best of their abilities. However, a new immigration rule will add an extra hurdle for noncitizens hoping to visit or work in Texas.

Veteran widower deported despite immigration protection

Living as an undocumented immigrant in Texas does not necessarily mean that a person can be deported. Depending on an individual's situation there may be several different options for relief. For those who have lost spouses during military service, immigration judges may choose to grant "parole in place," a temporary form of relief that can help individuals remain in the United States. Unfortunately, agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement do not always respect these vital protections.

Immigration court ruling makes it easier to appeal asylum denial

Asylum is important for those who cannot return to their home countries, and many people who are approved for asylum go on to make their new homes in Texas. However, those who overcome significant barriers just to reach the border may not expect their application to be denied. This is sadly the reality for many people, but a new immigration ruling could make appealing that decision much easier.

Rapper 21 savage dealing with immigration officials

Popular rapper 21 Savage recently posted bond and was released from ICE custody. Texas fans of the musician might be surprised to learn that he faces potential removal from the United States as well as a 10-year ban on re-entry. However, he claims that he has a pending immigration application for a U Visa, which could mean that he is eligible to remain in the country.

Immigration confusion as thousands show for fake court dates

Texas immigrants are generally eager to comply with the various requests and orders related to their status. However, dealing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can be frustrating and overwhelming even on the best of days. For some immigrants, this frustration might have reached a breaking point as they showed up for ICE-issued court dates that did not exist.

H-1B visas are popular immigration choice

Living and working in Texas can be an exciting prospect for immigrants. While there are different paths for accomplishing this, the H-1B visa is an extremely popular choice for individuals employed in specialty occupations or who can fulfill roles that domestic workers cannot. One of the biggest draws of this form of immigration is the ability to transition an H-1B to a green card. However, obtaining one of these highly-sought visas is easier said than done.

What does immigration law say about stopping deportation?

The prospect of being removed from the United States can be terrifying. For those who are facing deportation, there may be options to delay or even stop the process altogether. It is important individuals in Texas fully understand how immigration law applies to their unique situations. Here a few options to consider.

Immigration: Am I eligible for a green card?

For those noncitizens who are hoping to permanently live and work in the United States, a green card is essential. However, since immigration laws are complicated, the process by which a person obtains a green card is not necessarily straightforward. By understanding who is eligible to apply for a green card, those hoping to immigrate to Texas can utilize the most appropriate avenue.  

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